These are the release notes and advice for upgrading Joda-Time from version 2.0 to version 2.1.

Joda-Time version 2.1

Joda-Time is a date and time handling library that seeks to replace the JDK
Date and Calendar classes.

This is the ninth release of Joda-Time.
This release contains enhancements, bug fixes and a time zone update.

We require JDK 1.5 or later as features such as generics are used.
It may be possible to use retroweaver to compile this under an earlier JDK but we haven't tried.

Joda-Time is licensed under the business-friendly Apache License Version 2.
This is the same license as all of Apache, plus other open source projects such as Spring.
The intent is to make the code available to the Java community with the minimum
of restrictions. If the license causes you problems please contact the mailing list.

**  Please also check out our related projects   **
** https://www.joda.org/joda-time/related.html **

Enhancements since 2.0
- Make DurationFieldType hash code deterministic

- Add Period.multipliedBy(int) and Period.negated()

Compatibility with 2.0
Binary compatible - Yes

Source compatible - Yes

Serialization compatible - Yes

Data compatible - Yes, except
 - DateTimeZone data updated to version 2011n

Semantic compatible - Yes, except
 -  Date-time for time-zones with DST based on an offset of 00:00 now pick summer time when ambiguous

 -  Time-zone names now return correct results on JDK1.6 for non-English locales

 - Interval/MutableInterval toString() now contains the time-zone offset

Deprecations since 2.0

Bug fixes since 2.0
- Ambiguous date-time when in zone with offset of 00:00 [3424669]
  A date-time constructor with an ambiguous time due to DST should choose summer time
  but for a zone with an offset of 00:00 it chose winter time

- Fix GJChronology to allow some leap year dates in JulianChronology to be created [3446915]
  Creating February 29th in Julian leap years was not always possible

- Fix PeriodType caching
  The caching could go wrong if the DurationFieldType instances were in the wrong order

- Time-zone names [3412910]
  Names now returned in locales other than English
  The names may differ between JDK1.5 and 1.6 due to the underlying JDK data

- Time zone id parsing fixed for some longer time zones [3427389]
  Time zones like "America/Dawson_Creek" were not parsed as "America/Dawson" was matched first

- Time zone later/earlier offset methods failed in Western hemisphere [3476684]
  Previously, withLaterOffset() failed in the Americas, Now rewritten

 - Time zone id parsing of GMT offsets failed on Dalvik
  This may be related to a JDK specification change between Java 1.6 and 1.7

- Enhance readResolve() from LocalDate/LocalTime/LocalDateTime [3461008]
  Handle even more weird deserialization problems with other tools

- Tweaks to cached time-zone to try and avoid a NPE [3470276]

- Fix multi-lingual period format for using English from another language default [3471414]
  Previously, the word-based methods on PeriodFormat ignored the argument of English if the default
  locale was non-English, now fixed

- Interval/MutableInterval toString() now contains the time-zone offset [https://github.com/JodaOrg/joda-time/pull/2]

- Fix multiplication of Long.MIN_VALUE by -1 in safeMultiply()

- Fix validation in BasicChronology.getDateTimeMillis
 Previously this allowed a millisOfDay value one too large

- Javadoc fix to MutablePeriod [3413869]

Joda-Time uses annotations from Joda-Convert.
In the Java programming language, this dependency is optional, however in Scala it is not.
Scala users must manually add the Joda-Convert v1.2 dependency.

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Version: 2.12.5. Last Published: 2023-03-30.

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