Joda Time - Hibernate

Joda-Time provides a complete quality alternative to the JDK date and time classes. At some point however, many projects need to persist these classes to a database. One popular tool for achieving this is Hibernate.

To ease the integration of Joda-Time and Hibernate, this sub-project was setup. It aims to provide the classes necessary to persist Joda-Time objects.

Version 1.4 was released on 2015-04-17 - Download now

Please note that version 1.4 is for Hibernate 3.6 and not Hibernate 4.0 (as the Hibernate team have made another incompatible change). The usertype project handles Hibernate 4.0. It is also more up to date and more complete than this project in general.


Various documentation is available:


Release 1.4 is the current latest release. Please bear in mind that this project is separate from Joda-Time itself.

The dependencies are Joda-Time 2.0 or later and Hibernate 3.6 (plus associated dependencies). The Maven POM defines the dependencies as "provided", so you must specify them independently of this project. We recommend JDK 1.5 or later, and have performed no testing on earlier JDKs.

Available in Maven Central.


The Joda-Time-Hibernate library was contributed to Joda-Time by Mario Ivankovits and Gregory Joseph.

Support on bugs, library usage or enhancement requests is available on a best efforts basis.

To suggest enhancements or contribute, please fork the source code on GitHub. Alternatively, use GitHub issues.