Joda-Collect provides collections that are not present in the JDK or Google Guava.

The JDK and Guava contain many collection classes, but occasionally there is something missing. This project provides a home for those collections.

Joda-Collect is licensed under the business-friendly Apache 2.0 licence.


Included collection types:

  • Grid - A grid data structure, providing access to its values by row and column. This is similar to Guava’s Table, but uses int for the row and column, allowing optimisations. Mutable and immutable implementations are provided in sparse and dense variations.


Various documentation is available:


Release 1.0.1 is the current development release intended for feedback. This release is considered stable and worthy of the 1.x tag. It depends on Java SE 8 or later and depends on Google Guava.

Available in Maven Central.


Java module name: org.joda.collect.

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Version: 1.0.2-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2022-08-24.

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