Release History

Version Date Description
2.10.2 SNAPSHOT v2.10.2
2.10.1 2018-10-27 v2.10.1
2.10 2018-05-30 v2.10
2.9.9 2017-03-23 v2.9.9
2.9.8 2017-03-22 v2.9.9
2.9.7 2016-12-19 v2.9.7
2.9.6 2016-11-10 v2.9.6
2.9.5 2016-11-03 v2.9.5
2.9.4 2016-05-27 v2.9.4
2.9.3 2016-03-27 v2.9.3
2.9.2 2016-01-28 v2.9.2
2.9.1 2015-11-12 v2.9.1
2.9 2016-10-24 v2.9

Release 2.10.2 – SNAPSHOT

Type Changes By
Fix calculation of DateTime.withTimeAtStartOfDay() when DST is at midnight. Fixes #488. jodastephen
Fix Period.years() factory method internal implementation. Fixes #487. antonqiu
Add Tidelift commercial support and security policy. jodastephen

Release 2.10.1 – 2018-10-27

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2018g. jodastephen
Fix time-zone compiler for Namibia. Oh I do love tzdb. Fixes #485. jodastephen
Fix time-zone compiler for Tokyo. Oh I do love tzdb. jodastephen

Release 2.10 – 2018-05-30

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2018e. jodastephen
Handle negative SAVE values in tzdb. Once again, tzdb is the source of problems, with their inability to provide stability. A hack has been added that reverses their latest decision to have negative SAVE values. The hack works so long as a rule set does not mix positive and negative save values. jodastephen
Add Instant.EPOCH. See #472. jodastephen
Clarify negative durations. See #465. jodastephen
Add Instant.ofEpochMilli(). Add Instant.ofEpochSecond(). Fixes #458. kluever
Add automatic module name for Java SE 9. jodastephen
Add Kazakh language translations. Fixes #446 jodastephen
Avoid double addition when using lenient chronology. Fixes #432. jodastephen
Clarify Period.fieldDifference() Javadoc. jodastephen
Clarify Instant.withMillis() Javadoc. Fixes jodastephen
Add ZoneInfoProvider() constructor. mikey-austin

Release 2.9.9 – 2017-03-23

Type Changes By
Optimise release process. jodastephen

Release 2.9.8 – 2017-03-22

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2017b. jodastephen
Handle plus/minus of Integer.MIN_VALUE/MAX_VALUE months correctly. Fixes #418. jodastephen
Clarify time fields are based on the local time-line. Fixes #415. sebkur
Fix spelling mistakes. Fixes #412. sebkur
Fix DateTimePrinterInternalPinter that outputs data twice. Fixes #409. jodastephen

Release 2.9.7 – 2016-12-19

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2016j. jodastephen

Release 2.9.6 – 2016-11-10

Type Changes By
Support conversion of old TimeZone where name has digits other than ASCII [#381] jodastephen

Release 2.9.5 – 2016-11-03

Type Changes By
Add Norwegian period translations [#378] jodastephen
Add Duration.dividedBy(long,RoundingMode) [#69, #379] jodastephen
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2016i jodastephen
Fixed bug where clock read twice when comparing two nulls in DateTimeComparator [#404] jodastephen
Fixed minor issues with historic time-zone data [#373] jodastephen
Fix bug in time-zone binary search [#332, #386] The fix in v2.9.2 caused problems when the time-zone being parsed was not the last element in the input string. New approach uses a different approach to the problem. jodastephen
Update tests for JDK 9 [#394] jodastephen
Close buffered reader correctly in zone info compiler [#396] jodastephen
Handle locale correctly zone info compiler [#397] jodastephen

Release 2.9.4 – 2016-05-27

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2016d jodastephen
Loading time-zone provider now occurs in a privileged block [#327, #375] jodastephen

Release 2.9.3 – 2016-03-27

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2016c jodastephen
Make DateTimeUtils.SYSTEM_MILLIS_PROVIDER public [#357] jodastephen
Fix bug when adding months at the maximum limits of integer [#361] jodastephen
Add Turkish period translations [#364] jodastephen

Release 2.9.2 – 2016-01-28

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2016a (version 2.9 had time-zone data 2015g) jodastephen
Fix bug in time-zone binary search [#332] jodastephen
Minor fixes to code internals [#339, #326, #344, #350, #343] jodastephen
Better document behaviour [#325] jodastephen

Release 2.9.1 – 2015-11-12

Type Changes By
Fix bug introduced by Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE changes [#328] jodastephen

Release 2.9 – 2016-10-24

Type Changes By
DateTimeZone data updated to version 2015g jodastephen
Faster parsing of time-zone identifiers [#282] jodastephen
Added Interval.parseWithOffset(String) [#299, #296] Provides a way to parse the fixed offset in an interval string jodastephen
Add DateTimeFormatter methods for StringBuilder [#298] jodastephen
Add Russian period translations [#320] jodastephen
Add Italian period translations [#312] jodastephen
Add Czech period translations [#313] jodastephen
Clarify that PeriodFormatterBuilder is in an invalid state once built [#309] jodastephen
Allow DateTime and Interval to refer to values at Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE [#297, #190] A DateTime may be created with any millisecond value, however at the very edges there may be some undesirable effects, for example always using UTC instead of the time-zone jodastephen
Better error message for malformed tzdb files [#319] jodastephen
Better error message for interval constructor [#321] jodastephen
Fixed to handle JDK 8u60 [#288, #291] Without this fix, formatting a time-zone will print "+00:00" instead of "GMT" for the GMT time-zone jodastephen
Fix parsing of basic form ISO style where year has unnecessary plus sign [#86] For example, +20151030 will now be correctly parsed as year 2015. jodastephen
Fix overflow bug in intervals [#315] jodastephen

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Version: 2.10.2-SNAPSHOT. Last Published: 2018-12-15.

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