These are the release notes and advice for upgrading Joda-Time from version 0.98 to version 0.99.

Joda-Time version 0.99

Joda-Time is a date and time handling library that seeks to replace the JDK
Date and Calendar classes.

This is the last pre-beta release of Joda-Time.

We now recommend JDK 1.3 or later, and have performed no testing on earlier JDKs.

      *  The license of Joda-Time has changed  *
      *                                        *
      *    Previous license: BSD-style         *
      *    New license: Apache License v2      *

This change should have no impact on users of the code, as the licenses both have the
same intent - that is to make the code freely available with a minimum of restrictions.

Incompatible changes since 0.98
Please contact the joda-interest mailing list if you have difficulties upgrading
This release is both source and binary incompatible with 0.98

- Formatting package reworked
  This mainly affects those doing low level formatting work.
  A deprecated interface has been added for 0.99 for some methods.

  DateTimeFormatter/PeriodFormatter changed from interface to class.
  These classes are now the main formatting API.
  You still create them via the same factory classes, such as DateTimeFormat.
  Most methods, and all functionality, have been retained, but some are deprecated (see below).

  DateTimePrinter/DateTimeParser/PeriodPrinter/PeriodParser are now internal classes.
  Applications will use DateTimeFormatter/PeriodFormatter.
  Any references to DateTimePrinter/DateTimeParser/PeriodPrinter/PeriodParser in
  your application should be changed to DateTimeFormatter/PeriodFormatter.
  (Unless you are implementing your own printer/parser)

  DateTimeFormatterBuilder usage changes
   DateTimeFormatterBuilder.toPrinter() --> DateTimeFormatterBuilder.toFormatter()
   DateTimeFormatterBuilder.toParser() --> DateTimeFormatterBuilder.toFormatter()
  The isPrinter() and isParser() methods on DateTimeFormatter tell you about the status of the formatter.
  Make similar changes for PeriodFormatterBuilder.

  Format factory classes now define static methods
   DateTimeFormat.getInstance().xxx() --> DateTimeFormat.xxx()
   DateTimeFormat.getInstance(locale).xxx() --> DateTimeFormat.xxx().withLocale()
  and so on for ISODateFormat, PeriodFormat and ISOPeriodFormat

  DateTimeFormat.appendPatternTo(formatter, pattern) --> f.appendPattern(pattern)
  DateTimeFormat.getPatternForStyle --> Removed, please contact mailing list
  Classes removed, behaviour moved into DateTimeFormatter/PeriodFormatter
- DateTimeFormat pattern change
  The time zone pattern 'ZZZZ' previously output a time zone offset like '+08:00'.
  Now you need a pattern of 'ZZ' to output the offset.
  The pattern 'ZZZZ' will now output the time zone id, such as 'Europe/London'.

- ReadablePartial
  - removed methods toDateTime(), toDateTime(DateTimeZone zone), as their meaning was confused.
  Implementations on YearMonthDay/TimeOfDay are deprecated.

- DateTime/DateMidnight/MutableDateTime
  - removed getReadableInstant() from the property classes
  On DateTime.Property, use getDateTime().
  On DateMidnight.Property, use getDateMidnight().
  On MutableDateTime.Property, use getMutableDateTime().

- ReadableInstant
  - added method isSupported(DateTimeFieldType field)
  Implemented in DateTime/DateMidnight/MutableDateTime 

- YearMonthDay/TimeOfDay
  - removed getReadablePartial() from the property classes
  On YearMonthDay.Property, use getYearMonthDay().
  On TimeOfDay.Property, use getTimeOfDay().

- TimeOfDay
  - semantic change to TimeOfDay.Property.addToCopy()
  Previously, add threw an exception if the 23:59/00:00 boundary was broken.
  Now it wraps to the next 'day', as this is the more typical use case.
  Change to the method TimeOfDay.Property.addNoWrapToCopy() to restore the old behaviour.

Deprecations since 0.98
** ALL deprecated methods will be removed in 1.0 **
Please contact the joda-interest mailing list if you have difficulties upgrading

- Formatting package reworked
  Factory classes now no longer have a static getInstance() method.
   DateTimeFormat.getInstance().xxx() --> DateTimeFormat.xxx()
   ISODateTimeFormat.getInstance().xxx() --> ISODateTimeFormat.xxx()
   PeriodFormat.getInstance().xxx() --> PeriodFormat.xxx()
   PeriodFormat.getInstance(locale).xxx() --> PeriodFormat.xxx().withLocale()
   ISOPeriodFormat.getInstance().xxx() --> ISOPeriodFormat.xxx()
  Some DateTimeFormatter methods deprecated.
   f.print(millis, DateTimeZone) --> f.withZone(zone).print(millis)
   f.print(millis, Chronology) --> f.withChronology(chrono).print(millis)
   f.parseMillis(str, Chronology) --> f.withChronology(chrono).parseMillis(str)
   f.parseDateTime(str, Chronology) --> f.withChronology(chrono).parseDateTime(str)
   f.parseMutableDateTime(str, Chronology) --> f.withChronology(chrono).parseMutableDateTime(str)
  Some PeriodFormatter methods deprecated.
   f.parsePeriod(type, str) --> f.withType(type).parsePeriod(str)
   f.parseMutablePeriod(type, str) --> f.withType(type).parseMutablePeriod(str)

- DateTimeZone - factory methods changed:
  getInstance() -> forID/forOffsetHours/forOffsetHoursMinutes/forTimeZone
  Aim to clarify meaning of each method

- YearMonthDay/TimeOfDay
  - deprecated methods toDateTime(), toDateTime(DateTimeZone zone), as their meaning was confused.
  On YearMonthDay, use toDateTimeAtCurrentTime() or toDateTimeAtMidnight().
  On TimeOfDay, use toDateTimeToday().

Bug fixes since 0.98
- Interval/MutableInterval isAfter(ReadableInterval) - fixed bug when intervals abutted

- Parsing periods of the form PT... - fixed bug that prevented parsing

- Period parsing now more strict - 'T' character required to separate date and
  time in ISO periods

- Fixed parsing of fractional seconds in Periods

- Default time zone based on offset was being interpreted as UTC

- Fixed NullPointerException in DateTimeFormat

- DateTimeFormat would use date style for time style

- DateTimeFormatterBuilder was using wrong time zone for text fields

- Avoid NPE in property(DateTimeFieldType) methods

- Parsing two digit years using a pattern now follows JDK definition

Enhancements since 0.98
- Formatting package much more powerful, and has potential to grow after 1.0 release

- YearMonthDay/TimeOfDay
  - add toString variants that take a pattern
  - add withField(), withFieldAdded(), withPeriodAdded(), plus() and minus()

- DateTimeField
  - Add methods getAsText(int, Locale) and getAsShortText(int, Locale) for
    simple access to text values

- Period
  - Added support to create periods from a duration and an end instant
  - Periods can be converted to durations by end instant too

- Duration
  - Durations can be converted to periods by end instant too
  - Durations can be converted to intervals by end instant too

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