Release History

Version Date Description
1.0.3 2022-12-06 v1.0.3
1.0.2 2022-08-14 v1.0.2
1.0.1 2018-08-20 v1.0.1
1.0 2018-08-17 v1.0
0.90 2018-08-15 v0.90
0.12 2016-11-10 v0.12
0.11 2016-02-21 v0.11
0.10.0 2014-11-07 v0.10.0
0.9.1 2014-03-07 v0.9.1
0.9 2013-06-28 Version 0.9
0.8 2013-01-30 Version 0.8
0.7 2013-01-03 Version 0.7
0.6 2011-08-01 Version 0.6
0.5 2009-11-16 Initial version

Release 1.0.3 – 2022-12-06

Type Changes By
Change currency HRK to EUR. Note that the official switch from HRK to EUR occurs on 2023-01-01. You may want to delay updating this dependency until then. janjaali
Switch master to main. jodastephen
Switch LGTM to CodeQL. jodastephen

Release 1.0.2 – 2022-08-14

Type Changes By
Change currency SLL to SLE. jodastephen
Add Tidelift commercial support and security policy. jodastephen
Enhance null checks. sgbasaraner

Release 1.0.1 – 2018-08-20

Type Changes By
Ensure that localized format handles no grouping in JDK data. jodastephen
Change currency VEF to VES. jodastephen

Release 1.0 – 2018-08-17

Type Changes By
Move project to Java 8. jodastephen
Add module-info. Fixes #81. jodastephen
Remove deprecated methods. jodastephen

Release 0.90 – 2018-08-15

Type Changes By
Change currency data files. Files are now `CurrencyData.csv` and `CountryData.csv`. These can be overridden in `CurrencyDataExtension.csv` and `CountryDataExtension.csv`. Add historic EUR currencies. jodastephen
Update and redesign build to support Java 9. jodastephen
Allow currencies to have 30 decimal places. coderjoe

Release 0.12 – 2016-11-10

Type Changes By
Update currency codes to latest ISO-4217. Fixes #64. jodastephen
Update currencies for BY, LT, LV, SS. Fixes #68, #70, #72. jodastephen
Deprecate some less-than-ideal methods. jodastephen

Release 0.11 – 2016-02-21

Type Changes By
Allow currency conversion to the same currency if the conversion factor is one. Fixes #63. jodastephen
Add support for Indian number formatting (Lakh/Crore). MoneyAmountStyle extended grouping size provides enough power to output this. jodastephen
Add support for different signed formats. Add appendSigned() to builder, allowing different formats for positive, zero and negative. jodastephen
Add support for absolute values. Using MoneyAmountStyle, absolute (unsigned) amounts can be output. jodastephen
Remove deprecated methods. jodastephen
Change ZMW to 2 decimal places. Fixes #57. jodastephen
Alter parameter names of CurrencyUnit constructor to better support tools that make use of the names. Fixes #54. ashish12

Release 0.10.0 – 2014-11-07

Type Changes By
Ensure that a negative scale is not visible in BigMoney. This should have no impact on most users, but does change the semantics of certain methods. The rationale is to ensure that the toString() matches equals() and the internal state. Previously, BigMoney.ofScale(GBP, 100, 0) and BigMoney.ofScale(GBP, 1, -2) were not equal but had the same toString() (in violation of VALJO rules). Now, they are both normalized to the first form - no negative scale. Fixes #52. jodastephen
Change COP to 2 decimal places. Fixes #48. jodastephen
Fix bugs in formatting with MoneyAmountStyle. Fixes #43. jodastephen
Change ZMK currency to ZMW. Fixes #41. jodastephen
Change CNY to 2 decimal places. Fixes #40. jodastephen
Close resources after loading. Fixes #39. jodastephen

Release 0.9.1 – 2014-03-07

Type Changes By
Allow zero to many spaces when using standard parse method. Fixes #35. jodastephen
Ensure validation of string currency code. Fixes #31, #36. jodastephen
Fix Javadoc of BigMoney.withScale. Fixes #31. jodastephen
Home page at GitHub. jodastephen

Release 0.9 – 2013-06-28

Type Changes By
New option for grouping only before the decimal point [16] jodastephen
Allow registration of currencies to override existing [24] jodastephen
Allow registration of currencies by application code [17] jodastephen
Change to use m2e Maven Eclipse. jodastephen
Allow config file to support same range of values accepted by code [18/19/21] gabrielbauman

Release 0.8 – 2013-01-30

Type Changes By
Change to requiring JDK 1.6. jodastephen
Allow a second currency data file to enhance those in the base file [9,13] timmolter

Release 0.7 – 2013-01-03

Type Changes By
Fix printing of grouped negative numbers [10] jodastephen
Change LBP currency to 2dp [7] jodastephen
Relax checking for decimal places jodastephen
Move Estonia to the Euro [2] jodastephen
Add old Russian currency [1] jodastephen

Release 0.6 – 2011-08-01

Type Changes By
Major updates and changes. jodastephen

Release 0.5 – 2009-11-16

Type Changes By
Initial version. jodastephen

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