Class CurrencyMismatchException

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    public class CurrencyMismatchException
    extends java.lang.IllegalArgumentException
    Exception thrown when a monetary operation fails due to mismatched currencies.

    For example, this exception would be thrown when trying to add a monetary value in one currency to a monetary value in a different currency.

    This exception makes no guarantees about immutability or thread-safety.

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      CurrencyUnit getFirstCurrency()
      Gets the first currency at fault.
      CurrencyUnit getSecondCurrency()
      Gets the second currency at fault.
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    • Constructor Detail

      • CurrencyMismatchException

        public CurrencyMismatchException​(CurrencyUnit firstCurrency,
                                         CurrencyUnit secondCurrency)
        firstCurrency - the first currency, may be null
        secondCurrency - the second currency, not null
    • Method Detail

      • getFirstCurrency

        public CurrencyUnit getFirstCurrency()
        Gets the first currency at fault.
        the currency at fault, may be null
      • getSecondCurrency

        public CurrencyUnit getSecondCurrency()
        Gets the second currency at fault.
        the currency at fault, may be null